Poros was the site of the first naval base in modern Greece, established in 1827 during the Greek War of Independence. Most of the activities of Poros naval base were moved to Salamis naval base in 1881. The site is still used today by the Hellenic Navy as a training center for naval personnel.
  • Poros lemon forest is very famous not only in Greece but world wide also. Orange and lemon production is one of the main financial sources of the island.
  • Poros has an amazing shell museum, founded in 2006, with a permanent exhibition of shells in the Chatzopouleios library.
  • The island’s name means “narrow strait”.


Island with rich history, archaeological and cultural heritage, a prime gem stone among the Greek islands.

Poros is separated from the mainland of Peloponnese by a narrow sea channel, and its protected setting makes the main settlement of Poros Town seem like a cheery lakeside resort. Its pastel-hued houses stack up the hillside to a clock tower, the Neoclassical architecture and the lovely port, makes a vibrant first impression.

Sea, sun & fun
three greek islands in just one day

This remarkable, beautiful green island will charm you with its groves of pine & lemon trees. You can relax walking through quiet narrow streets.

Poros is often referred as the “Venice of the Saronic Gulf”. The sole contact between the island of Poros and the mainland is by boat offering a special charm and a feeling of living “on” water.

Recommended places to see: Archaeological Museum, Clock Tower, and the Municipal Library

Poros island
Welcome to Poros
Look at the yachts
A Poros view from the boat
Charming Poros
City of Poros
View from Poros
Easy by the sea
Shades of blue
Leaving Poros